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Welcome to The Franchise Workshop

The Franchise Workshop is dedicated to providing franchise options and franchising information to entrepreneurs who want to buy a franchise and are financially prepared to do so.  However, quite frequently these potential franchise owners have little knowledge about how to buy a franchise.

Furthermore, many potential buyers are clueless about which franchise offerings would be the best franchises to own based on their particular needs and goals.  We have listed 300 of the best franchise opportunities on our franchise look-up page.  In our webinar, Guide to Buying a Franchise, Sidney Lee lists the steps to buying a franchise.

It’s our job to help the prospective franchise buyer target, research, analyze and validate a chosen franchise.  The blog is open to all visitors.  The podcasts, webinars and ebooks are for members only.  Sign up is free, so click the  “join now” button below and register to jump start your franchising education.  Your how to process of owning a franchise starts today.

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The Team

Sid Lee has been in the franchising industry for 16+ years and has the skills and experience necessarySid Lee testimonials to help entrepreneurs looking to buy a franchise. As President and Founder at Choice Franchise Advisors, Sid earned recognition as the bronze medal winner in 2015 by the Franchise Brokers Association.  Sid is a Certified Franchise Broker/Consultant having spent 12 of his 16 years as an executive with Starbucks.

During this time, Sid has worked in traditional and non-traditional development,and consulted on franchise development agreements from single unit deals to multi-unit, multi-national deals and helped many people get their start as new Franchise Owners.

John Lee provides the web maintenance for TheFranchiseWorkshop.com as well as the marketingJohn Lee,The Franchise Workshop Webmaster necessary to help Choice Franchise Advisors attract an expanding franchising audience.

John has been a successful entrepreneur in the marketing field and is currently working on multiple google certifications.

Goal of the Workshop

The Franchise Workshop was created as a collaboration between Sid &John to provide new franchise shoppers a library of education and access to webinars,podcasts, videos, blogs, and other resources designed to educate and inform the franchise buyer BEFORE the franchise shopping starts.

We are dedicated to helping you make the right decision, whether it is in your quest to gather information about franchising or simply to help you identify your first franchise purchase.

The TFW Webinars

The Franchise Workshop produces an evolving, one-hour webinar presented in a recorded format and placed on a dedicated blog page.  The webinar is edited periodically to provide initial fundamental knowledge assisting the interested franchise buyer in making a thoroughly informed decision.

The TFW Webinar is intended as a  “first step”  in the process of buying a franchise.  As a follow-up, the podcasts provide a valuable, evolving franchising curriculum.  The focus of each episode is to help the franchise buyer thoroughly understand the franchising industry BEFORE beginning the process.

The TFW Podcasts

The TFW Podcasts are the bread and butter for the typical franchise buyer. TheseThe Franchise Workshop Podcast podcasts provide a much deeper insight into each franchising subject than the webinar. Each podcast is a half hour in length and recorded live, twice weekly. Each episode has a unique theme and may include a guest expert from either the franchisee’s or franchisor’s perspective.

We cover subjects such as legal, accounting and funding as well as interviews with popular franchisors and successful franchisees.

The Podcasts are a subscription based offering providing the budding entrepreneur with key valuable insights into the subject matter of each broadcast. The Franchise Workshop emails all subscribers the scheduled time and subject matter ahead of each episode. This way, interested franchise buyers can choose to attend the live broadcast or watch the recorded version at their leisure on the link provided.

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Franchise Consultant Services

Finally,there is never a charge for our services and you can sign up for a free consultation with Sid by clicking the green  “schedule now”  bar. The post categories will be listed on the right side bar or on the image carousel and you can view some testimonials here.

Please enjoy!

Sid and John Lee


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