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Franchise agreements...are the non-negotiable?

Are Franchise Agreements Really Non-Negotiable?

Franchise attorneys,franchisors and franchise consultants will go to great lengths explaining that franchise agreements are largely non-negotiable instruments.  And,there is good reason for this.  Inherent in the “brand promise” of the franchisor is ensuring delivery of the consumer experience and all elements that make the brand distinctive.  For most brands,the brand promise…

Why you should use a franchise consultant.

Why You Should Use a Franchise Consultant

Considering buying a franchise? Since franchising can be complicated,it’s important to understand why you should use a franchise consultant instead of handling it all by yourself. To illustrate,let’s draw on some similarities between buying a franchise and buying a home. People make very few large financial decisions in their lives.  They may buy a few…

Start a business or buy a franchise?

Start a Business or Buy a Franchise…Which is Better?

Entrepreneurs:Should you start a business or buy a franchise? As a qualified, well prepared and well-funded entrepreneur,there is no better vehicle for achieving goals than to be in business for yourself.  A business is simply a process designed to advance goods and services to the marketplace creating value and profit for owners and customers.  Of the…


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