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 call Sid Lee, the franchise workshop, thefranchiseworkshop.com

“Guide to Buying a Franchise” Webinar

If you are seriously planning to buy a franchise, you should watch this video first.  Sid Lee has beenguide to buying a franchise webinar, thefranchiseworkshop.com, the franchise workshop in the franchising industry for 17 years.  Twelve years with Starbucks and five years as the President of Choice Franchise Advisors working as a Certified Franchise Consultant.

You can schedule a call with Sid for between 4:00 and 6:00 pm est to ask a question, or request his assistance in researching a franchise you are interested in.


call Sid Lee, the franchise workshop, thefranchiseworkshop.com

eBook: Pink Slip Paradise

Sid Lee has written a short eBook that may help some of you keep your life together after a job loss. Here is an excerpt from Sid’s blog post about the book:

“…I can go on and on and it’s not a happy ending. And the truth is, none of us areebook pink slip paradise, the franchise workshop, thefranchiseworkshop.com immune from the possibility of being fired, pink slipped, laid off, RIF’d, let go…whatever you want to call it. Did I say NONE OF US? Unfortunately, it is fact and we all know someone who has been given the gift of a pink slip. Gift? Yes, gift.

Change is good, if you are prepared for it. I was not.

As with most of us, I certainly was not shocked when I was fired…I’m sorry, retired. I had heard the rumors, witnessed the continual reductions in force several times during the few years prior to my release. But, up until then I had been one of the lucky ones who was still employed. Then came the day I remember most, October 10, 2010.”

Pink Slip Paradise by Sidney H. Lee (pdf version)

[pdfviewer width=”750px” height=”500px” beta=”false”]http://www.thefranchiseworkshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Pink-Slip-Paradise-pdf-v3.pdf[/pdfviewer]

Five of Sid Lee’s Suggested “Best Franchise Summaries”

[pdfviewer width=”750px” height=”500px” beta=”false”]http://www.thefranchiseworkshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Five-Franchise-Summaries-pdf.pdf[/pdfviewer]

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