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The Franchise Workshop’s “Guide to Buying a Franchise” webinar assists people who are in the process of learning what questions to ask before buying a franchise.  And usually,  these potential franchisees have no experience in targeting,  researching and analyzing a franchise.

During my 15 years of working in franchise development,  most of those I speak with have a great desire to own a business. In addition,  most feel that the benefits of buying a franchise make it the best option for them. However,  the majority have no idea how or where to start their research.

In fact,  over 95% of the new franchisees I have worked with did not end up buying the franchise that they initially inquired about.

At The Franchise Workshop we dedicate ourselves to helping budding entrepreneurs prepare for the franchise buying process.  We help them learn everything they need to know to successfully manage the research and analysis necessary to make an educated and fully informed decision.  As a result,  they know which franchise will be the best vehicle to help them achieve their personal and professional lifestyle goals,  as well as their financial goals and objectives.

The franchise buying process is not one size fits all.  There are terrific franchises in just about every business category imaginable.  But,  each franchisor seeks out a specific personality profile in its new franchisees. That profile will allow the new franchisee to grow and flourish in their particular system.  Because of this,  a franchise system that is targeting analytical personalities certainly would not be the right fit for a quick decision maker.  Moreover,  someone who is task driven would not be a good fit for a franchise that requires great people skills.  This is why it is so important to know which type of franchise is the best match for you before you begin your search.

You can save a lot of time and frustration by learning how to buy a  franchise before initiating the process.


With over 3000 franchises developing in the US, how do you know which is the “right one” for you? And just as important, how do you know if the franchise is successful and well respected?  And finally, how can you know the franchise is supportive of its franchisees while offering great value?

Our webinar attendees will learn how to:

  • Qualify to become a franchisee.
  • Overcome fears allowing you to accomplish successful business ownership.
  • Target the ideal type of franchise for you.
  • Manage the research and analysis in selecting a great franchise.
  • Validate everything you learn in the process of researching any franchise.
  • Effectively fund the opening of your new business.

We teach you the three critical questions you must answer to determine if the franchise you are interested in will actually help you attain your personal lifestyle and financial goals.


Finally, this webinar will show you how to determine the amount of money you’ll actually need.  You’ll have the confidence that you are financially and psychologically prepared to buy, open and manage a business enterprise.

We have created a unique webinar series headlined by our “Guide to Buying a Franchise” live webinar. By participating in our webinar you will proceed with assurance and conviction that you are making an educated and fully informed decision.


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Sid Lee-2015 FBA Bronze Medal Winner