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Sid Lee,Choice Franchise Advisors,The Franchise Workshop

Welcome to The Franchise Workshop

I’d like to personally welcome you to The Franchise Workshop.  And, if you’ve already signed up for an All Access Pass, we hope you enjoy it!  If you haven’t signed up yet, get it here for free.  You’ll get access to our premier franchising website introducing you to the best franchising opportunities in the industry.  We hope you’ll return often.

I have worked with, and have relationships with all the franchisors I list as my top favorites on this site. In addition, I have personally validated these franchises as quality organizations I can trust with my own clients.   If your curious, click here to find out what my clients are saying about the work I’ve done for them.

If you decide that you want to own a franchise, you can call me at 703-932-9085 (or tap the call button if you’re on a smart phone) and I’d be glad to personally help you get started in the evaluation / qualification process.

After you get your All Access Pass, make sure you watch the podcasts paired with each of our Top 5 Franchise Opportunities.  Every time we finish a podcast, I’m amazed at what we provide free to anyone searching for a new career in franchising.   It’s the best way to get an insiders view of what each of these businesses have to offer.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get with the All Access Pass at The Franchise Workshop:

  • Guide to Buying a Franchise Webinar
  • Get an insider’s view of each of the franchises that we review
  • eBook “Pink Slip Paradise”…Sid Lee chronicles his experiences turning his Starbucks executive pink slip into an executive sized income…and how you can do it too
  • Get an emailed podcast weekly containing valuable interviews of franchisors and franchisees alike
  • Get your franchising questions answered by joining us on a live podcast and participate in the Q&A…meet these franchising experts live online
  • Our Forum Community is brand new and many franchising questions are being answered there

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