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Are Franchise Agreements Really Non-Negotiable?

Franchise agreements...are the non-negotiable?

Franchise attorneys, franchisors and franchise consultants will go to great lengths explaining that franchise agreements are largely non-negotiable instruments.  There is good reason for this.  Inherent in the “brand promise” of the franchisor is ensuring delivery of the consumer experience and all elements that make the brand distinctive.  For most brands, the brand promise is […]

The Importance of the Franchise Financial Statements

Things potential franchisees should know about financial statements

Franchise Financial Statements are the track record of the franchise. They are provided for you in the FDD and contain important information about the franchisor’s financial status and strength. The two most important financial statements you need to review: Balance Sheet Income Statement (3 years preferably)  THE BALANCE SHEET A balance sheet is a snapshot […]