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Top Attributes Shared By All Great Franchisees

attributes of top franchisees

The Attributes Of Top Franchisees If you are hoping to become a franchisee for a great company, it is critically important to understand what franchisors are looking for when awarding a new franchise.  They are looking for candidates who exhibit the attributes of top franchisees. I have worked in franchise development for almost 20 years […]

How to Get Your Confidence Back After Losing a Job

How to get your confidence back after losing a job

“I personally dealt with this challenge five years ago.” So many articles have been written lately on the serious topic of how to get your confidence back after a job loss.  Those of you who have read my e-book, Pink Slip Paradise, know I personally dealt with this challenge five years ago.  Most articles express […]

Start a Business or Buy a Franchise…Which is Better?

Start a business or buy a franchise?

Entrepreneurs: Should you start a business or buy a franchise? As a qualified, well prepared and well-funded entrepreneur, there is no better vehicle for achieving goals than to be in business for yourself.  A business is simply a process designed to advance goods and services to the marketplace in order to create value and profit for owners and […]

Middle Class Squeezed Out of Buying a Franchise

Is the middle being pushed out of the franchising opportunity

Thinking of buying a franchise? I think the single saddest reality I have learned since I qualified as one of the top franchise consultants is that “middle class” Americans save very little and mostly live paycheck to paycheck.  Unfortunately, the middle class seems to be largely squeezed out of buying a franchise. The ideal candidate […]

Transitioning to the CEO Mindset

Transitioning to the CEO mindset

So who are those that transition to the CEO Mindset? I saw a terrific quote in Forbes: “Behind an able man, there are always other able men.” I have always believed that nothing of consequence was ever achieved alone and that typically great players make great coaches.  (Now that’s not quite like, “You didn’t build that!”) […]

How to Overcome the Fear of Buying a Franchise

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Buying a franchise, or simply going into business for yourself, is a very scary endeavor.  It is not for the faint of heart and should not be entered into without some trepidation.  The term, “by yourself” literally means “alone,” nobody to lean on;  nobody to help you in areas you may not be confident in.  […]