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Roadmap to Opening a Franchise Step-One

Watch the video as Sid Lee explains how to complete step one on the roadmap to opening a franchise pictured above.

(If you’re serious, here’s why you should complete Step One now)

Because...unless your just kicking the tires, you've gotta do it sooner or later.

Every Franchisor (at least the ones worth evaluating and considering for a franchise purchase) will ask about your education, work history, financial situation AND they’ll want your DISC results.  Do Step One now and have the information ready for all the franchisors you talk to.

Every Franchise Advisor worth his or her salt will want to interview you and get to know you.  If you have a copy of this information, even if the franchise buying process takes you two years, it shows efficiency on your part and respect for their time.

In many cases, your DISC Evaluation will show you whether or not franchising is right for you.  Nice to know before you waste your time on research you’re not going to use.

Get started with Step One by completing the form below.  You will receive Sid’s phone number in an email, so check in with him when your done and let him know you’re ready for a Coaching Call.