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This is a must watch video if you are planning on buying a franchise.  Sid explains how using a franchise consultant as a trusted advisor in the franchise selection process is a no-brainer.

We’ve embedded a couple videos here to illustrate the value of a franchise consultant’s services.

Take your franchise consultant help quiz below to test your knowledge of how a franchise consultant can benefit you.

Buying A Franchise - Everything You Need To Know

If you want to know how to become a franchise owner, watch this 34 minute video.  Sid Lee details everything you need to know in every facet of the franchise world.  After you’re finished, you’ll likely want Sid’s help.  

Questions Sid Answers With This Video

  1. What motivates people to go into business for themselves?
  2. What are the reasons for business failures?
  3. What is franchising?
  4. What is the value proposition of franchising vs non-franchise start-up?
  5. Three critical questions a franchise buyer MUST get answers to.
  6. What is the detailed meaning of the all important FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document)?
  7. What is Franchise Validation and how does it work?
  8. Why is an exit strategy important when buying a franchise?
  9. What is a franchisor looking for in a new franchisee?
  10. What should a franchisee require from the franchisor?
  11. How normal is it for a new franchisee to experience fear before buying a franchise?
  12. Why use a franchise consultant?
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Take The Franchise Consultant Help Quiz

Take your franchise consultant help quiz to test your knowledge of how a franchise consultant can benefit you.

Franchise Consultant Help Quiz identifies some of Sid Lee's services to help you learn how to become a franchise owner

9 Steps To Opening A Franchise

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Follow The Roadmap

Step 1:  Self Evaluation and Preparation  Take the DISC personality assessment quiz and organize your work and education history. 

Step 2:  Franchise Research    Sid Lee can help you look at over 300 franchises while illuminating the 5 or 6 finalists.  Selecting a franchise really begins here.

Step 3:  Validation Process    Sid can help you develop a series of questions for current and past franchisees to help validate any franchise buying decisions. 

Step 4:  Attend Discovery Days   Sid can help you with your personal franchisor introductions through his extensive relationships and help facilitate Discovery Days for your chosen franchises.

Step 5:  Choose a Franchise and Secure Funding   Sid can help you choose the best financing sources, if you need them.  Now it’s time to make a choice.

Steps 6, 7, 8 & 9: From Signing the Agreement to Opening You Franchise   Sid has an extensive referral list of top franchise specialists that can help you with everything from legal document preparation to building and  construction professionals.