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Franchise, startup or mlm?

Franchise, Start Up or MLM? Ask These Questions Before You Buy

You've heard the song, "Take this job and shove it!"  It has always been the battle cry of new business in America.  According to a CNN/Gallop poll, approximately 70% of all Americans say they would like to own a business...

Franchise agreements...are the non-negotiable?

Are Franchise Agreements Really Non-Negotiable?

Franchise attorneys, franchisors and franchise consultants will go to great lengths explaining that franchise agreements are largely non-negotiable instruments.  There is good reason for this.  Inherent in the “brand promise” of the franchisor is...

Why you should use a franchise consultant.

Why You Should Use a Franchise Consultant

Franchising is complicated.  As such, it's important to understand why you should use a franchise consultant instead of handling it all by yourself. To illustrate, let's draw on some similarities between buying a franchise and buying a home...

franchise validation

Validation: Questions to Ask Franchisees Before You Buy

A common concern among those who consider buying a franchise is, “How do I know the franchisor is telling me the truth?”  It is understandable considering the sales world we live in today.  However, if you want to have a high level of confidence...

How to get your confidence back after losing a job

How to Get Your Confidence Back After Losing a Job

So many articles have been written lately on the serious topic of how to get your confidence back after a job loss.  Those of you who have read my e-book, Pink Slip Paradise, know I personally dealt with this challenge five years ago...

Clothes Mentor

Women’s Resale Clothing Franchise Opportunity

As a professional franchise consultant, I like to keep my finger on the pulse of current marketing trends. Whenever I can, I attempt to get feedback from real people about their buying habits that might give me some insight into current trends...

best franchises to buy

Best Franchises to Buy: A Franchise Consultant’s View

Everyone looks at McDonald’s as one of the quintessential best franchises to buy, but, is it the best? For a select few, it’s terrific.  How about 7-11, arguably the largest franchise system in the US, is it the best?  I’m sure many people have done very well...

Pink Slip Paradise

Pink Slip Paradise: Beat the Downsize With Franchising

At the time, he was an executive with Starbucks leading a comfortable suburban life in Bristow Virginia with his wife Lisa and his daughter Alexandra.  In addition to being active in his community HOA, he was also a prominent high school football referee...

Executive's story: Pink Slip Paradise

A Downsized Executive’s Story: Pink Slipped in 2010

...and the truth is, none of us are immune from the possibility of being fired, pink slipped, laid off, RIF'd, let go…whatever you want to call it.  Did I say NONE OF US? Unfortunately, it is fact and we all know someone who has been given the gift of a pink slip. Gift? Yes, gift...

Sid Lee's client and peer testimonials

Sid Lee’s Client Testimonials

Sid Lee, Founder and President of Choice Franchise Advisors, has helped many individuals officially enter the world of franchising.  As a franchise consultant, your success is measured by your ability to help new franchisees with your hard work and dedicated assistance...

Start a business or buy a franchise?

Start a Business or Buy a Franchise...Which is Better?

As a qualified, well prepared and well-funded entrepreneur, there is no better vehicle for achieving goals than to be in business for yourself.  A business is simply a process designed to advance goods and services to the marketplace in order to create value and...

Things potential franchisees should know about financial statements

The Importance of the Franchise Financial Statements

Franchise Financial Statements are the track record of the franchise. They are provided for you in the FDD and contain important information about the franchisor’s financial status and strength. The two most important financial statements you need to review are...

The American Dream, Most will never learn how to start a small business

"Pain" Drives Many to Learn How to Start a Small Business

The dream is real in this United States.  Many people have achieved it, and many more will.  But even if you are in the 7 of 10 who want to learn how to own a business, you probably won’t.  Why?  The fact of the matter is that just over 1 in 10 Americans...

Buying a Franchise? Not If You’re in the Middle Class!

I think the single saddest reality I have learned since I qualified as one of the top franchise consultants is that “middle class” Americans save very little and mostly live paycheck to paycheck. The ideal candidate looking into buying a franchise...

Transitioning to the CEO mindset

Transitioning to the CEO Mindset

I saw a terrific quote in Forbes: “Behind an able man, there are always other able men.” I have always believed that nothing of consequence was ever achieved alone and that typically great players make great coaches.  (Now that’s not quite like, “You didn’t build that!”) Corporate America continues...

Franchise Funding, thefranchiseworkshop.com, the franchise workshop

Three Franchise Funding Sources

The primary reason businesses fail in the US is not because the idea is bad or for lack of being mentally prepared, or even lack of experience.  It is for lack of full and proper franchise funding. If you buy the most expensive car you can afford and then don’t have enough money to put gas in it...

buying a franchise, overcome your fear, franchising, going into business for yourself, franchise, franchises, thefranchiseworkshop.com

How to Overcome Fear of Buying a Franchise

Buying a franchise, or simply going into business for yourself, is a very scary endeavor.  It is not for the faint of heart and should not be entered into without some trepidation.  The term, “by yourself” literally means “alone,” nobody to lean on...

types of franchising, master and area development models

Masters/Area Development Types of Franchising Models

Franchising as a concept has a mystical history,  but its roots have been traced as far back as the Roman Empire in the Middle Ages up through the rule of William the Conqueror in England.  It was carried on by Louis Xlll in France...

5 Critical Things You Must Know Before You Buy A Franchise

“Retired” too early, RIFfed, laid off, sick of your job or just ready for something new? Are you convinced you have the business savvy, education and financial assets to buy a franchise business? Here are the 5 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Franchise.