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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Purchasing Your First Franchise


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Did you know that franchise buyers rarely buy their “top of the list” first choice?  Sometimes they buy an even higher quality franchise they had never even heard of. That is why you should have a knowledgeable consultant compile a list of franchises tailored to your needs and interests.  Check out our list of over forty hand picked, profitable franchises.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact us directly.  We have hundreds more to look at.  Enjoy the process!

Franchise Buying Process

Do you know the best way to walk through a minefield?  Answer: Follow someone! The franchise buying process is similar in that it is complicated with many critical choices along the way. Do yourself a favor and get some advice before beginning your journey. Click the roadmap and familiarize yourself with each step along the way.

Good Luck and we hope to meet you at some point along the way!

Qualifying For Your Franchise

Most people think that with enough money, they could just buy any franchise they want. What they don’t know is how selective franchisors (zors) are when picking their franchisees (zees).  Much like sororities and fraternaties, the zors will only give you the keys to their kingdoms if you prove yourself worthy by satisfying certain criteria.  

Find out how best to present yourself to the franchisors to have your best chance to get an offer.

Our Team

Sid Lee

Sid has been in the franchising industry for over 17 years.  He has the skills and experience necessary to advise entrepreneurs looking to buy a franchise. As President and Founder at Choice Franchise Advisors, Sid earned recognition as the bronze medal winner in 2015 by the Franchise Brokers Association. Sid is a Certified Franchise Advisor having spent 12 of his 17 years as an executive with Starbucks.

Sid Lee, Founder Choice Franchise Advisors

John Lee

John is the Web Developer as well as the Web Search and Paid Social Advertising Manager at The Franchise Workshop. As a WordPress Publisher, he is developing the current site and managing the TFW custom PHP site contract. As a certified Google Partner, John is co-managing the national advertising strategy as well as managing Social Media.

John Lee Co-Founder, The Franchise Workshop


"Our company, America’s Swimming Pool Company, has worked with Sid many times over the years.  He is a tireless worker that is always attentive to his client’s needs and finds the right opportunity.  Sid is an outstanding consultant that listens to his clients, which ultimately is the best quality a broker can exhibit."
Jef Flournoy
V.P. of Sales & Development, ASP Franchising, Macon, GA
"I contacted Sid at a time when I was looking for my next franchised business, but had no idea what I wanted to do. He very patiently listened to my requirements and presented me with perfect franchise systems to explore that fit my needs. After my insistence to research some 20 plus franchisors, I ended up becoming a franchisee of the very first system that Sid presented to me. I couldn't be happier with the franchise. Sid's pick was perfect for my financial and lifestyle goals. His approach is very patient, helpful, knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend Sid if you are at all interested in franchising."
Mike Cartier
The Cleaning Authority, Franchisee, Stafford Springs, CT
"Sid Lee was a valuable ally in my search.  I did not start out looking for a franchise, but Sid requested I give him a chance to show me what franchises were available in my areas of interest.  Sid then produced a great list of companies with precise summaries.   Next, he made valuable introductions and gave excellent advice leading me to the right opportunity.   Sid is a true professional and I recommend his services to anyone searching for their next business."
Thomas Steffie
Enviro-Master Services franchisee for the Ithaca NY market
"Dear Sid Lee, You have been the best possible advisor for my  mother and I. I know that this was not an easy journey yet here we are and I have the opportunity to do what I love.  I have no possible way of fully repaying you for all of your time, effort and energy you have put into our dream of being business owners.  ...Thank you very much and I do look forward to working with you again in the near future should you remain in the making dreams come true business."
Karen Mcfadden with her mom
Karen McFadden & Ruby Nelson
New Franchisees, Parker-Anderson Enrichment, Peris, CA

Recent New Franchisees Placed By Sid Lee

About Us

The Franchise Workshop was created to provide new franchise shoppers a library of education and access to webinars, podcasts, videos, blogs  and other resources designed to educate and inform the franchise buyer BEFORE the franchise buying process begins.

We help our clients make the right decision, whether they are just gathering information about franchising or looking to identify their first franchise purchase.  It’s our job to help the prospective franchise buyer target,  research,  analyze and validate a chosen franchise.

If you have any questions about any franchise we represent, or frankly any franchise sold in America, you can schedule a call using the button or complete the contact form below and we’ll get back to you with an answer ASAP.

In the 3 minute video above, Sid and I go into depth about what you can learn here at The Franchise Workshop.  Explore the website and enjoy the experience of your first franchise purchase.

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